Mallorca Road Bike Retreat

Experience the Pro Cyclists' Island

Sunshine, solid climbs, perfectly engineered roads, the Mediterranean and a local community tuned into the needs of the visiting cyclist. That's Mallorca. Mallorca has been the Mecca for cyclists for many years now and that is basically because it offers warm and predictable weather with a vast mixture of terrain.


We will make base camp in a luxury hotel from where we will move around each day to tackle one of the many iconic rides. As usual, a support van will assist us during our rides.


The purpose of this trip is to kick off the cycling season so not everybody will be in perfect condition. By being always in the same accommodation, riders will be allowed to take days off and just chill out if they don't feel like riding.


Besides world-class cycling, we will also experience the local culture including a not to be missed visit to Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

Price per person


11990 €

Price for double occupancy

Mileage / Gain


327 km (1205 mi) /  6740 mt (22.916 ft)


Longest day: Day 3 - 92 km (58 mi)


Highest climb: Day 3 - 2002 m 6806 ft)

When we go


We recommend going from February to Mid June and from September until the end of October

Level - Avid


Increasing uphills and longer stages make these tours more demanding and good physical conditions are needed in order to fully enjoy them.


Riders can decide whether to take part in a ride or not as we are always staying in the same accommodation.



7 days, 6 nights, 5 days cycling

Your Trip on the Map

Day by Day Program

DAY 1 - 18th April - COLL DE SA BATALLA

Tentative day schedule:

  • Pick Ups in Palma: 09.30 Mike Kinsbergen, 09.45 Jason Hann, 10.00 Ali Behnam + Howard Lindzon + Roy Rubin + Mark Friedman.
  • Pick Ups outside Palma: 09.30 Mike Morell, 10.00 Sam Wholley.
  • 11.00: Arrival at the hotel. Welcome, drink a little chat about the tour. Get changed in the Yoga lounge. Get to know your bikes.
  • 12.00 to 12.45 Light tapas lunch at the hotel’s Bistro.
  • 13.00 circa to 18.00: Start riding the Coll de Se Batalla loop
  • 18.00: Check-in at the hotel
  • 19.30 Start transfer to restaurant
  • 20.00 Dinner at Stay restaurant in Port Pollenca


Ride Description:


Mileage: 63km / 803mt │ 40mi / 2730ft


All the rides we are going to experience during our bike retreat are iconic. Today we start with the more “comfortable” – gentle slopes, a perfect surface and cafés at the bottom and the top.



A rolling ride from Pollença, heading south-west towards Campanet and across to Caimari where the climb starts. Before climbing stop in the village and visit Sa Ruta Verda, one of the most well-respected cycle-friendly cafés on the Island. They serve great coffee and healthy food and are so cycling-focused the owners refer to their establishment as a ‘feed-zone’. Before or after the climb, it is worth the stop.


Sa Batalla can be summarized as the climb of three parts : through the first set of switchbacks, up along and through the ridgeline with a false flat before the gradient increases to the second set of hairpins. The pine trees provide welcome shade from the sun, as well as a reminder that you are now most definitely in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana. The passage through the rocks is memorable and offers a view up towards the summit. The beauty is that, at 7.2km and an average gradient of 5%, it can be ridden relatively easily or full gas.


After cresting Sa Batalla,  wetake the right for the easier side of Coll de Femenia. From the pass, most of the hard work is done so enjoy the views across the valley towards the bay of Pollença as the road drops beneath your wheels.


Check the key section on Strava: Coll de sa Batalla Segment


Inclusions: Pick up and transfer from your hotel/airport to the Villa. Lunch, dinner.


DAY 2 - 19th April - LIGHT HOUSE RIDE (Cap de Formentor)

Tentative day schedule:

  • 9.30 – Start riding Cape De Formentor loop
  • 13.30 – Tapas lunch and wine tasting at Xaloc winery.
  • 16.00 to 19.00 – 30′ sport massages by a professional soigneur + regular massages
  • 19.30 –  Countryside dinner at Ca Na Toneta restaurant.



Ride description:


From 45km to 75 km/1235 mt │ From 28mi to 46mi / From 4200ft to 4539ft


Cap de Formentor it’s where Mallorca’s rocky backbone drops into the sea and it’s a mandatory inclusion in any cycling guide to Mallorca for a reason.


Once you get out of Pollença and onto the headland, the 15km of the Formentor road introduces itself with a 3km climb to the Colomer viewpoint (the KOM is held by a certain M. Contador).

At the lighthouse, surrounded by the ocean on the very tip of the landmass, you might experience what the locals refer to as ‘the meeting of the four winds’. It comes from every direction – the Iberian Peninsula, the Alps, North Africa and the Atlantic. Just like the cyclists do, and for good reason.


Check the key section on Strava: pollenca to cap de formentor segment


Inclusions: Breakfast,  lunch and dinner, sport massages


DAY 3 - 20th April - FEMENIA & SA CALOBA

Tentative day schedule:

  • 9.00 –  Start riding Sa Calobra loop
  • 14.00 –  Lunch in LLuc
  • 16.00 to 19.00 – 30′ sport massages by a professional soigneur + regular massages
  • 19.30 –  Dinner at Trenkadora restaurant in Pollenca


Ride description:


From 64km / 1000mt │40mi / 3400ft to 92km / 2002 mt │58mi / 6806ft


Today you can choose weather to take it very easy or to sig up for the hardest day of the bike retreat. If cycling climbs were celebrities, Sa Calobra would have Hollywood A-list status. No matter what you’ve heard from friends or seen online, nothing can replace viewing it with your own eyes and riding it with your own legs.


From Pollença you get to warm up and soon start climbing on the smooth slopes of the Coll de Femenia. From there the road winds its way in and out and up and down the ridges of Tramuntana mountains towards your Mallorcan cycling destiny…. There is a left hand corner with a view point over a solid mass of limestone rock that is so abundant it’s unforgettable. Somewhere behind that, in amongst all the rock, is the road engineering genius that is the Sa Calobra climb.


At this point you can still ride all the way back down the hotel and relax in its amazing spa or keep going…


Pass under the viaduct, laugh at the ‘KM0’ road marker and climb the 2.5km of the Coll del Reis before plunging to the sea to do ‘the bounce’ back up again. It’s a good tactic to refuel and refresh in the Port before you start the climb. Savour every metre and welcome the ease in gradient on each and every one of the multiple hairpins as you make your way up to the famous ‘noose’.


Check the key sections on Strava:

Col de Femenia | Segment

Sa Calobra – Coll dels Reis (official) | Segment


Inclusions: Breakfast,  lunch and dinner, sport massages


DAY 4 - 21st April - DAY OFF

Tentative day schedule:

  • 9.00 – 12.30 Free morning
  • 12.30 – 15.00 – Lunch at Ses Coves (if you don’t want to join and take all day off, it is not a problem)
  • 16.00 to 19.00 – 30′ sport massages by a professional soigneur + regular massages
  • 19.30 –  Dinner at the hotel Bistro’.


Day description: Today we are off the bike so what do to is up to you. In the morning you could:

  • Play golf. 9 or 18 holes are available at Golf Pollensa. We will be happy to reserve for you.
  • You can chill out at the hotel and enjoy the Spa.
  • You can just grab the bike and ride around the hotel

For lunch, at 13.00, we booked for you an amazing restaurant in the countryside, the Ses Coves. It is famous for its dry-aged meat.


Afternoon is again free.


Inclusions: Breakfast, activity, dinner.


DAY 5 - 22nd April - PALMA & COL SOLLER

Tentative day schedule:

  • 9.00 Start transferring by van to Rapha CC in Palma
  • 10.00 Coffee at Rapha store.
  • 11.00 Ride Soller loop with our special guest, Miguel Indurain Jr.
  • 14.00 Lunch in Soller
  • 15.30 – Transfer back to hotel
  • 16.00 to 19.00 – 30′ sport massages by a professional soigneur + regular massages
  • 19.30 –  Dinner at Trenkadora restauran in Pollenca


Ride description:


75km / 1100 mt │ 47mi / 3740ft


The two sides of the climb are notably different, the south being more open and gradual compared to the high sides and tighter switchbacks of the north side. We will ride this last one of course as we love hairpins 🙂



It’s that sun that gives Sóller its French connection. The Port of Sóller served as a trading post between the Island and the French coast where the bounty of the temperate climate of the Sóller valley left for mainland France : oranges, lemons, olives, figs and almonds. On the return, exporters brought with them a bit of French culture via fashion, furniture and goods.


Like so many of Mallorca’s cycling routes, the locals have tuned into the needs of cyclists. Ca’n Topa, the café located right beside the summit sign provides a warm welcome to everyone, from pro riders on training camps to first-timers on the Island’s climbs. After this stop, descending back towards Palma offers a panorama over the rest of the Island like no other.


Check the key sections on Strava: Coll de Soller | Segment


Inclusions: Breakfast,  lunch and dinner, sport massages


DAY 6 - 23rd April - PUIG MAJOR

Tentative day schedule:

  • 9.00 Start transferring by van to Soller
  • 10.30 Start riding Puig Major loop
  • 14.00 Lunch in Pollenca or Lluc
  • 17.00 End of the ride
  • 19.30 Final Dinner at Cala Barques restaurant.


Ride description:


52km / 1600mt │32,5mi / 5440ft


Let’s close the bike retreat with a major ride! Puig Major it’s the highest climb in Mallorca. It’s one of the main ways you can access the mountain lakes, with pro cyclists often seen using the roads around them as part of their training loops, and like Sa Calobra (Day 3) is a very consistent challenge from bottom to top.


We will transfer by van to Soller where the ride starts. After only a few km we will ride through Fornalutx. Sometimes referred to as ‘the prettiest village in Spain’ it welcomes you with its orange groves which help give this side of the mountains the reputation as the ‘Valley of Gold’. Liquid gold. The road squeezes itself between the old stone buildings, past the town square before rejoining the main climb to get back to business.


The local authorities know their audience well and have paved this side of the climb to perfection. The views across to the other side of the valley and down to the port of Soller just get better and better with each of the large open switchbacks as you climb towards the tunnel at the summit. The medium gradient of 6-7% allows you to choose your own effort but like many mountain ascents, the road gets a bit steeper in the final kilometers so pace yourself accordingly.


The Monnàber tunnel provides a fitting finale to the climbing but this mountain delivers more on the other side. Through the tunnel the Cùber reservoir comes into view between the rocks and, after the effort, it may be tempting to take a dip. Continue on and the water of the second reservoir, the Gorg Blau is closer and even more inviting. It’s known as the ‘mirror between the mountains’ that has inspired local painters and poets alike.


Look up to the left and the military dome on the adjoining peak is visible. The history books state that the Americans helped install this base and rumours still abound as to its use by them. Cyclists will notice and – depending on the effort already made – regret that the service road with its stacked switchbacks leading to the peak, is for army use only.


Later on we ride to Pollenca via the already familiar Col de Femenia.


Check the key sections on Strava: Puig Major Start climb Soller to Tunnel | Segment


Inclusions: Breakfast,  lunch and dinner.


Day 7 - 24th April - HASTA LA VISTA!

Our bike retreat is over.

Today the guides are available to assist you with your logistics.

  • If you are heading to the airport or to a hotel because you decided to prolong your stay, we will transfer you there.
  • If you wish to ride a bit more, we can organize an early morning ride. We can later transfer you to the airport or to your next hotel.

More Info




  • 6 nights in 5* Spa Hotel double occupancy

Food and Drinks

  • All breakfasts, all lunches (except on day 4) and all dinners. Snacks while riding.


  • 2 guides on the bike, 1 mechanic and 1 chauffer
  • Van support
  • All transportation from randez-vous to drop-off
  • Daily cleaning and bike maintenance
  • 2x 60' sport massages by a professional soigneur who comes to our hotel

Bikes & Gear

  • Top road bike rental or bike rental (includes helmet and lights)
  • Biko cycling kit
  • Unique t-shirt
  • BIKO tote bag
  • BIKO cycling cap
  • 2 bidons

Extra Activities

  • Wine tasting


Not included


  • International flights
  • Cancellation insurance and travelling insurance
  • Items of personal nature
  • Massages at the hotel spa
  • Gratuity for your bicycle guide
  • Transfers not specified on the tour description
  • Extra activities not specified on the tour description
  • Cocktail Hour

Road racing carbon bikes | INCLUDED


In Mallorca we partner up with Pinarello.

Pinarello provides us with Dogma F10 and Prince FX.


All bikes are carbon and have electronic shifters.


The bikes come with helmet and lights.

Hotel Son Brull


The hotel location in Mallorca is crucial for cyclists. While the Southern part of the island is flat and cycling wise uninteresting, the Northern part is mountainous, a cycling paradise.  So every spring, all the pro cyclists meet at the feet of those mountains, in an old town called Pollenca.

Pollenca is perfectly located. A few miles from the first switchbacks and sea. For our retreats, accommodations are as important as cycling, so we chose for you a 5* spa hotel at the edge of town, the Son Brull.

Nestled in the foothills of Northern Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountains, near the charming town of Pollensa, Son Brull Rural Sanctuary is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Mallorca. In keeping with its past life as an 18th century Jesuit monastery, this unique family-owned property continues to welcome guests in search of peace and solace in beautiful natural surroundings.

This hotel in Pollensa Mallorca, is one of the best luxury hotels in Mallorca, that combines original architectural details with contemporary design, the 23 tastefully appointed rooms and suites are perfect for couples on a romantic break, while our spacious 4 two-bedroom villa suites with separate pools are ideal for families craving that extra privacy. Guests will love the newly refurbished spa; all-natural treatments and valley views invite total relaxation.

At the award-winning Restaurant 365, a gourmet dining experience awaits, with an à la carte menu in addition to a choice of 8 course tasting menus, all featuring innovative Mallorcan cuisine. For something more casual, there’s also a modern bistro with al fresco seating and a tapas and cocktail bar housed in a historic olive mill. Surrounded by stylish sun loungers, the infinity pool from our Mallorca boutique hotel, overlooks the hotel’s ancient olive grove, the jasmine-scented garden, and the idyllic countryside beyond.


Room setting: Deluxe Double - Single occupancy. King size – between 40 - 42 sqm – Sitting area – Garden view

Reservation, payment and cancellation in a nutshell


To reserve the trip we ask 5000 € via bank transfer. 500 € out of it are a development fee and not refundable.

In case of full cancellation with more than 1 month notice prior to departure, the full deposit will be returned minus the 500 € .

For less than 1 months notice, no refund of the deposit will be given.

The remaining balance must be paid via bank transfer 15 days before the departure.

100 per cent of the tour will be charged if the tour is cancelled less than 15 days before the departure.

General Terms and Conditions of Bike Tours


The general conditions (hereinafter ‘the conditions’) of Travel Agency BIKO Adventures Sro (hereinafter ‘BIKO Adventures) regulate the mutual contractual relationship between BIKO Adventures Sro as one party of the contract and any natural or legal person as the other party of the contract and user of services provided by BIKO Adventures Sro  in accordance with the relevant provisions of the generally binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic such as the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, Act No. 159/1999 Coll., etc. BIKO Adventures  reserves its right to determine in its sales materials (catalogue, offers, etc.) different conditions taking precedence over the above conditions. An agreed arbitrator or court shall decide possible disputes. The conditions shall be binding on all involved parties.

I. Introductory provisions

BIKO Adventures Sro, ICO: 08145172  Tax ID. No. CZ 08145172 that is recorded in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Praha, is a company with trade agency business activities subject to permit, i.e. mediation and business in the field of services. The subject of these business activities is lodging, boarding, guiding, interpreting, and transport services, and the services related to the programme of stays, etc.

II. Client

Clients of BIKO Adventures Sro can be all persons over 18 years of age without limitation. Persons under 15 years of age can use the services only if accompanied by their parents or a person in authority over 18 years of age, persons of 15-18 years of age with approval of their legal guardians.

III. Types and scope of services

In principle, BIKO Adventures Sro renders two types of services:

  1. Standard catalogue services, i.e. with a predetermined programme, a fixed scope of services, and fixed prices.
  2. Order services – i.e. the services rendered to order as required by the Client.
    The scope of contractually determined services is based on the description of services in promotional materials of the organiser and the data in the travel contract/confirmation. Any other verbal promises of the organiser or mediator are invalid. Their validity requires a written confirmation of the organiser. In case that the scope of services in promotional materials differs from the scope of services in the travel contract/confirmation, the scope in the travel contract/confirmation is the binding one.

IV. Prices of services and their payment

  1. The prices of services rendered by BIKO Adventures Sro are the prices agreed mutually between BIKO Adventures Sro and the Client in compliance with Act No. 526/1992 Coll. including VAT. The Client takes note of the fact that he/she will be charged the full price for non-occupied beds in case that the real bed occupancy differs from the booked one (unless stipulated otherwise).
  2. If, in the period from conclusion of a binding reservation-order/travel contract till the term of its performance, there are changes resulting in a change in services or an increase in an agreed price (this shall be sent to the Client at the latest 21 days prior to commencement of the tour) by more than 10 %, BIKO Adventures Sro is obliged to immediately advise the Client of these facts. If the Client decides to cancel the order for this reason, he/she shall execute this immediately by a written notice (see VI/3). In addition, the Client is obliged to return all documents to BIKO Adventures Sro, entitling the Client to utilise the before ordered services (an issued voucher). Any reimbursement for a stay cannot be executed without returning these documents.
  3. The Client shall carry out payment of ordered services in the form of advance payment for ordered services in the amount of 5000 Euro. I
  4. Unless the advance payment for ordered services (including a possible supplementary payment at instalments) is received by the due dates (the decisive date is the date of crediting the sum to the account of BIKO Adventures Sro) of an issued document, it is the reason for withdrawal from the contract by BIKO Adventures Sro and the stay is cancelled without notice and reimbursement. In this case the Client shall pay cancellation fees as per Article VI.
  5. In case that BIKO Adventures Sro cannot render all services ordered and paid by the Client, BIKO Adventures Sro shall adequately adjust the price of services at accounting for the advance payment, possibly, upon agreement with the Client, BIKO Adventures Sro will offer substitute services. In addition, BIKO Adventures Sro shall execute accounting for the advance payment in the event of price alteration and the changes required by the Client (e.g. extension of originally ordered services etc.)

V. Rights and duties of the Client

    • utilise all services ordered and paid by him/her (in the amount of 100 %);
    • withdraw from the contract anytime prior to performance of services with a complete observance of these 'conditions'; see Article VI, 'Cancellation fees';
    • be exactly and in time informed about the quality, scope, price, and term of ordered services.
    • state complete and truthful information in the paperwork for a stay;
    • pay, up to the required date, the amount of advance payment for all so far ordered services;
    • respect and honour the current regulations of the facilities and entities whose services are used by the Client. In the event of a serious breach of these regulations in such a way that further services are refused, the Client is entitled neither to refunding of advance payment nor to any other financial reimbursement.

VI. Rights and duties of BIKO Adventures towards the Client

  1. The rights and duties of BIKO Adventures Sro are adequately related and comparable to the rights and duties of the Client.
  2. Travel Agency can additionally assure the services not ordered by the Client only within its possibilities upon previous agreement and providing advance payment for these services.
  3. in cases that cannot be influenced by BIKO Adventures Sro (economic fluctuations, changes in tax rates, changes in the owners of facilities rendering services, changes in contractors, re-registration of a hotel, natural disasters etc.) and in cases that in any other way prevent rendering services according to predetermined conditions, BIKO Adventures Sro is entitled in terms of these services to:
    • change the term of a stay;
    • change prices of a stay;
    • change the programme, the means of transport and route, the manner of rendering services etc.;
    • change the place of a stay;
    • withdraw from the contract.
  4. The above authorisations also relate to the fact that when within 30 days prior to commencement of a stay, the minimum number of clients was not achieved (upon request, their number shall be advised by the dealer of stay) or in the event that BIKO Adventures Sro cannot carry out a stay for economic reasons connected with a considerable excess of expected actual cost. In the event of the above changes, BIKO Adventures Sro shall immediately inform the Client. If the Client does not agree with changes a) through d), he/she is entitled to withdraw from the contract in writing, at the latest within 5 calendar days from the notice of change, otherwise the Client is deemed to agree with the change. The decisive date is the delivery date of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. Substantial changes are not deemed: price alteration by less than 10 %, a change in the building of accommodation in the same area and of the same or a higher quality. In this case, other claims towards BIKO Adventures Sro are out of the question.
  5. BIKO Adventures Sro is not liable for damage caused to the Client due to changes resulting from 'force majeure'.

VII. Cancellation fees

  1. The Client is entitled to withdraw from the contract exclusively in writing at any time without stating a reason. The cancellation comes into effect at the moment of delivery of this document to Travel Agency. Travel Agency is entitled to charge a cancellation fee (damages for cancellation) whose amount is determined according to the period of time between the withdrawal from the contract by the Client (i.e. delivery of the notice of withdrawal from the contract) and the first day of the services as follows (unless for a specific stay stipulated otherwise):

To reserve the trip we ask 50% of the total price via bank transfer. 500 € out of it are a development fee and not refundable.

In case of full cancellation with more than 1 month notice  prior to departure, the full deposit will be returned minus the 500 €.

For less than 1 months notice, no refund of the deposit will be given.

The remaining balance must be paid via bank transfer 15 days before the departure.

100 per cent of the tour will be charged if the tour is cancelled less then 15 days before the departure.This also holds true in the event that the Client does not commence a stay without its previous cancellation. In terms of time, 'commencement of service' is defined as beginning from the first hour of the day on which the service is rendered.

VIII. Complaints and disputes

  1. In the event that the services included in the price of stay were not rendered in a full scope or quality, the participant is entitled to file a complaint in compliance with the Civil Code No. 40/1964 Coll. as amended (Article 852i) and possibly also in compliance with Act No. 159/1999 Coll. as amended.
  2. In order to achieve a prompt and objective settlement of a possible complaint, the Client should proceed as follows:
    1. to file a complaint without undue delay at the head of the facility rendering the services paid in advance or with another employee in charge, in such a way that a timely remedy can be made on the spot. If possible, we recommend making a brief report of complaint on the spot. In principle, it holds true that if the complaint is to fulfil its purpose, it should be filed immediately once the Client detects the facts that can be the subject of the complaint. This is the only way to prove objectively a faulty condition, to eliminate it immediately and to complete or re-render the service. Attention, food that is not returned cannot be proven a complaint. It is very difficult to prove the complaints filed later towards the provider of services. If possible, the Client should also actively contribute to elimination of the defects.
  3. In the event of circumstances whose creation, progress and consequence do not apply to the activities and procedure of BIKO Adventures or the circumstances caused by the participant, based on which the participant completely or partly does not utilise ordered and advance paid services assured by BIKO Adventures, the Client is entitled neither to reimbursement of the price for such services nor to a discount of the price for a stay (unless agreed otherwise). The reimbursement for services not drawn is possible only in the event when the provider of services refunds them.

XI. Specific conditions for bike tours

  1. By their nature, cycle tours allow for alternatives and a substantial degree of flexibility. Therefore, outline itineraries given for each bike tour must be taken as an indication of what each group should achieve, and not as a contractual obligation on the part of BIKO Adventures Sro. Changes to the itinerary may be caused by mechanical breakdown, weather, border restrictions, sickness, or other unforeseeable circumstances. It is a fundamental condition of joining any BIKO Adventures Sro tour that you accept this flexibility, and acknowledge that delays and alterations as well as their results, such as inconvenience, discomfort, or disappointment, are possible: BIKO Adventures Sro will always endeavor to provide suitable alternative arrangements. If it is impossible to make alternative arrangements due to reasonable and justifiable event, or if a passenger is unable or does not choose for good reasons to complete an itinerary outlined for a bike tour, BIKO Adventures Sro is not liable for supplying alternative itineraries, excursions, accommodation, services or staff for the period when the Client is not present with the group.

1.2. I understand that there are inherent risks involved in riding a bicycle such as injuries, including serious injuries or death, and I freely assume those risks. I hereby release Biko, their employees and contracted guides from any and all liability for damages and injury to myself or to any person, unintentional injury or damage caused to me by them or for damages to personal property resulting from the use of the Rental Equipment. I accept full responsibility for any and all damage or injury which may result.  In no way does BIKO Adventures Sro, guarantee my safety while riding and it is not the responsibility of BIKO Adventures Sro to provide me with any type of bicycle riding instructions or any information concerning safety precautions. This Bike tour contract agreement shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives, in the event of my death or incapacity.

  1. On BIKO Adventures Sro cycle tours, it is essential that Clients abide by the authority of the tour leader, who represents Biko. Taking participation in a BIKO Adventures Sro’s tour signifies the Client’s agreement to this, and if the Client commits any illegal act when on the bike tour, or if, in the reasonable and justifiable opinion of the tour leader, the Client’s behavior causes or is most likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to him/herself or others, BIKO Adventures Sro may terminate the Client’s travel arrangements without any liability on BIKO Adventures Sro’s part. If the Client has any condition, medical or otherwise, that may affect his/her or other people's enjoyment of the bike tour, it is essential that he or she advises BIKO Adventures Sro of this at the time of booking.
  2. Before coming on the cycle tour, the Client must be covered by his own insurance, which must include adequate coverage for medical expenses and the cost of repatriation, should he or she become too ill to continue, including helicopter rescue and air ambulance. We strongly recommend that clients take insurance to cover themselves for personal injury and third party liability while cycling. Biko does not provide any kind of insurance.
  3. Our tours are quite challenging so we advise our clients to read carefully all the             information about the tour they intend to book: length, hours, difference in altitude.


X. Transitional and final provisions

  1. These General conditions are valid for the services rendered as of January 1, 2022. The validity of these conditions can be individually modified between BIKO Adventures Sro and the Client exclusively in writing.
  2. The Client confirms by his/her signature in a binding order that he/she understands these conditions and respects them in a full scope.

Climate & what to pack


Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, as you might expect, with average temperatures ranging from 12°C in winter to 26°C in summer. March to May and October to November are the best times to visit Mallorca. The weather and temperatures are good and you’ll be able to avoid the summer crowds.

The average temperatures when we will visit are ideal fro cycling. 57F in the morning and 68F during the day.

We recommend to pack arm and leg warmers, a Windstopper jacket and a gillet and light gloves.


Other useful info

  • Plug type: C and F (see picture below)
  • Electricity: 230 V
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Official language: Spanish
  • International dialling code: +34 971
  • Emergency telephone number: 112

Sport Massages - INCLUDED


Jonathan Davis is a multi-lingual sports and remedial massage therapist working on the Spanish island of Mallorca, a mecca for road cycling and adventure sports of all kinds.


He is experienced working with athletes to assist them achieve optimal performance by the improvement of biomechanical function through the release of musculoskeletal tension and poor joint mobility. 


Via a combination of soft tissue therapies that include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching, cupping therapy and joint mobilisation, he will make sure you are fine and fit to enjoy all our epic rides.


Jonathan will massage you three times for 30 '.



Day 1 - NA

Day 2 - Ali Behnam, Mike M., Mark, Howard, Roy, Sam

Day 3 - Ali, Mike M, MArk, Howard, Jason, Michael

Day 4 - Mark, Howard, Roy, Sam, Jason, Michael

Day 5 - Ali, Mike M., Roy, Sam, Jason, Michael

Day 6 - NA


Hotel Spa Massages - NOT INCLUDED

Day 1 - NA


Day 2 19th April

- 4pm Sport massage x2

- 5:30pm Son Brull Massage x2


Day 3 - 20th April

- 4pm Sport massage x2

- 5:30pm Son Brull Massage x2


Day 4 - 21st April

- 4pm Sport massage x2

- 5:30pm Son Brull Massage x2


Day 5 - 22nd April

- 4pm Sport Massage x2 and 4pm Sport Massage 90min x1


Day 6 - 23 April

- 5pm Son Brull Massage x2


Price list: 

From head to toe 120 min. / 225 euro

Vital energy 90 min. / 175 euro

 Son Brull Sanctuary 60 min. / 125 euro 90 minutes / 175 euro

Aromarelax 60 min. / 135 euro 90 minutes / 185 euro

Holistic back 45 min. / 100 euro

Hot stones 90 min. / 175 euro

Foot reflexology 60 min. / 125 euro

Sports 60 min. / 135 euro 90 minutes / 185 euro

BIKO Team Mallorca


Tour leader, cycling guide, film maker


Film maker, chaffeur


Van support


Sport massages


Cycling guide


Cycling guide

Get Inspired