Our Bikes & Gear

Top quality holidays require top quality gear! We have the perfect fitting bike for every kind of rider and holiday style.

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Touring bikes


Our touring trips can vary from very easy riding on mainly flat surfaces with only a few uphill sections to medium riding which includes some hilly stages and more riding distance.

Our Giant Roam (for men) and Rove (for women) will give you the confidence and capabilities of a mountain bike plus the smooth efficiency of a road bike so you can ride everywhere. These bikes are perfect for long distance trips like Greenway, Prague to Dresden, or Alps!


Market value: 750 €


Do you only need to rent a touring bike? Check our Prague based bike rental

Rove Giant Touring Bike
Roam Giant Touring Bike
trance 3
terrago 2020

Mountain Bikes – Hardtails and Full Suspension


To make the most out of your ride we will provide you with one of our high-end mountain bikes for cross-riding and full-suspension mountain bike for all-mountain riders who like to enjoy the smoothness of a rear suspension.

They are strong and efficient on any terrain!


Market value: 1800 €, 1200 €


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E-Touring Bikes


Our E-Bikes provide an extra boost to your legs so you can tackle tough Alpine climbs, or ride much longer distances. If your mind is set on exploring places but the riding seems too tough or if you travel with friends or family and your riding level differs, don’t hesitate and check out how our e-bikes can make your journey even better!


Market value: 2500 €


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E-Mountain Bikes


Looking for more distance? More descents?

This performance-oriented, full-suspension E-bike is ready to roll. The Stance E+ helps riders conquer challenging terrain with greater ease.

Designed with trail-friendly geometry, the new Stance E+ helps riders experience off-road E-bike riding at its best. Its lightweight, strong and stiff ALUXX SL aluminum frame with FlexPoint suspension makes tricky singletrack trails easier to ride.


Market value: 3300 €


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Allux Road Bikes


For our “Premium Package” tours we use the Giant Contend SL 1 road racing bikes. They are smooth, fast and fun. This versatile aluminium road bike blends agility and comfort. So you can push the pace, ride more miles, and have more fun on the road.

Designed and developed for aspiring riders looking to elevate their experience on the road, Contend offers responsive acceleration and a more endurance-oriented rider position. It’s a true all rounder for ambitious road riders.


Market value: 1200 €


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Carbon Road Bikes


For our “Exclusive Package” tours we use Giant Defy Advanced carbon road racing bikes.


Choose the longer route. Climb higher mountains. This all-new endurance road bike is purpose-built to help you tackle long-distance road rides in all types of conditions. It’s smooth, it’s efficient, and it’s fast.

Handcrafted with Advanced-grade carbon composite material, it’s engineered with tube shapes that are optimised to absorb road shocks and vibrations. And for added control, it features integrated disc brakes. The D-Fuse seatpost and handlebar system also help reduce road vibrations, adding to its smooth, compliant feel on the road.


Market value : 2600 €


Do you only need to rent a road bike? Check our Prague based road bike rental

Bike Upgrade – Festka Carbon Bike



Festka is more than just a bicycle. Festka is a passion.


You can upgrade and rent this bike for the Holiday.  Festka is a manufacturer on  the sharp edge of bicycle development. Utilising the best carbon in the modern-day market, each frame is assembled by hand with a clear vision for whom it is created.

Or you can have one built for you and delivered for your holiday. That’s the ultimate treat!


Read more about THE FESTKA PROJECT



We are happy to prepare your bike according to your bike fitting measurement, if you wish to and we will provide you with accessories to make your trip more comfortable.


Gel seats, handle bar bags, mud guards, gel seat covers and many other things are  FREE OF CHARGE. We also have a wide variety of pedals to choose from in addition also FREE OF CHARGE. Shimano SPD, Shimano SL, Look Keo Classic, Classic pedals with possibility to add toe cages.


For our “Exclusive Packages” we use Poc helmets.